Have a great idea for a company, but don’t know where to start?

Venture School is a 12-week class in St. Louis helping aspiring software and technology founders move from the idea stage to launching a real company.

First class is March 5 – May 28, 2020

Applications are now closed for Spring 2020 and will re-open in July for Fall 2020. 

Venture Cafe St. Louis

Venture School is a new initiative from Venture Café St. Louis. Since launching in 2014, Venture Café St. Louis has grown from a weekly conference for founders of tech startups to a hub for all entrepreneurial activity in the Greater St. Louis area. We’ve brought more than 31,000 aspiring founders together to help launch companies and move St. Louis forward as an innovative and equitable city.

Venture School

Entrepreneur Training

The Venture School curriculum is designed by entrepreneurs and is led by entrepreneurs. The class topics are comprised of the key ideas, concepts, and learnings that other entrepreneurs and our mentors wish they knew when they started. There is no better knowledge than the wisdom of others.

Real Entrepreneurial Mentors

Sessions are led by expert mentors who have built or led high-growth technology companies. Mentors share their experiences, useful tactics, and critical feedback on students’ progress. Venture Cafe provides the mentors with key points we want to be covered, but welcome their input so students receive a variety of viewpoints on each topic.

Idea Development

The goal of Venture School is to help first-time entrepreneurs validate their idea, refine their idea, develop their product, and prepare them to launch a company. We have designed the curriculum to give entrepreneurs the foundational tools to decide if their idea is valid and they are ready to launch a company.

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