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Venture School is a select program for aspiring entrepreneurs with a strong software or technology idea they are ready to pursue. Please fill out the application below to tell us more about your idea and your experience. We will review applications and scheduling in-person interviews in mid-January with the top applicants.

There is no fee to apply, but if accepted, the tuition for Venture School is $1,200 per student. The tuition is discounted to $600 for additional founders working on the same idea. In addition, students who are accepted and request to withdraw may do so for a full refund if they request this before the third session.

Application Deadline is February 21, 2020 at 11:59pm.



For this first class in 2020, we are prioritizing SAAS companies or technology companies that need a software or web interface in this first-class so we have a focused curriculum. Also, we are sorry, but we will not be accepting applications for traditional offline product or service businesses. We will re-evaluate this in the future. If you have questions about your idea and possible online applications, we are happy to talk to you. Please email us at

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Venture School Questions

How did you hear about Venture School?

Why do you want to be accepted to Venture School and what do you hope to learn?

Assuming we can help you develop and validate your idea, how confident are you in wanting to launch this company? (1-10 — Be honest as this doesn't affect your application. Everyone has doubts and we don’t expect all the students to launch their company immediately. Discovering that an idea's flaws can be just as important as finding a good idea, and can lead to a finding a better idea.)

Would you be available to attend all sessions from 6-9 pm on Thursday nights between 3/5/20 to 5/28/20?

Are you aware of the $1200 tuition per student and an additional $600 per co-founder? (Co-founders do need to complete an application if they want to attend.)

Anything We Missed

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